(WSYR-TV) — Education is one of the fundamental aspects of someone’s life, and one former teacher and school administrator has written a book dedicated to bettering education to meet the needs of our children, their teachers, and the community.

It’s all part of the book titled “Bringing Henry Home, We Always Do What is Best for Kids, Unless…” written by Curtis Czarniak.

The goal of the book is to effectively address all the issues and problems in our schools, which Curtis says will require a wholesale reimagining of how we conduct public education. His hope is that a few local school districts will form partnerships with research universities to plan and conduct small pilots of a new reimagined educational system to determine its effectiveness over time.

Curtis wants Central New York to become the epicenter for educational change in the country, especially since great teacher training and research universities are in the area, as well as Micron, the digital memory and storage solution company.

You can purchase the book on Amazon, or wherever you get your books.