Students from across Central New York are getting a first-hand look into the everyday life of a dairy farmer.

The American Dairy Association North East is partnering with Reyncrest Farm to host two virtual farm tours on Thursday, April 28. There’s a morning session for older kids, and an afternoon one for younger kids.

Kelly Reynolds of Ryencrest Farm says the students will get to learn all about the cows on her farm.

“We’re gonna head to where our cows eat and sleep, and then we’re going to head to our milking parlor to learn about attaching the milking machine and where the milk goes when it leaves the cow and things like that” Kelly says. “We’re able to milk 40 cows at one time, so there’s a lot of activity in our milking parlor, and we milk our 1,400 cows three times a day, so it’s pretty full time. So the students will have a chance to see that for just a few minutes, but it’s a really cool look into a day on our farm.”

Dairy farmers like Kelly say welcoming visitors to their farm virtually establishes a connection between the local farms and the communities that they produce food for. The tours let consumer see that dairy products come from a good place, and giving consumers a behind-the-scenes view builds consumer trust.

Hosted by the American Dairy Association North East, the tours have grown in popularity since they began in 2018.

Click here to learn more about the tours and to register. Teachers can also find lesson plans at this website.

If you can’t make the tour ‘live’ you will be able to stream it at that website once the live tour is complete.