(WSYR-TV) — The crisp, cool air of fall has arrived, but if you take a big whiff… what you might actually smell is fear.

You might also be able to hear the screams. That’s because “Fright Nights” are back in the Salt City. Promoters Grazi Zazzara and JR Zazzara joined Bridge Street Tuesday with a couple of friends to tell us all about it.

The 82,000 square-foot location has five houses to tour:

  • The Monster Movie Matinee
  • The Devil’s Dungeon
  • Burgen Manor
  • Lady Lamson’s Cursed Voyage
  • Penny’s Playhouse

Fright Nights is located on Lepage Place in Syracuse. It runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through October 29th.

To get tickets you can head to TheFrightNights.com.