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Get Your Flu Shot At Wegmans This Flu Season

Flu season is in full swing, and experts say that now is the time to start thinking about getting your flu shot. And Wegmans Pharmacy is making ie even easier for everyone to get their shots this year. 

Wegmans Pharmacy Manager Bill Wojnowicz says that people as young as age two can now come to a Wegmans Pharmacy for their flu shot. Prevention is key when it comes to cold and flu season and making the shot accessible to everyone through the pharmacy is what experts hope will encourage everyone to be vaccinated.

Wojnowicz said that it's not only important to get the flu shot for yourself but for people around you even more.

"You're not doing it for yourself, you're doing it for everyone else. It's the socially responsible thing to do," he said. 

Last year, the flu shot was not as effective as it could have been which cost 80,000 their lives, but this year Wojnowicz said that the strand this year is stronger, which can help to prevent more people from getting the flu.

To prevent the flu, Wojnowicz says that October is prime time to get a shot. The vaccine usually takes a few weeks to settle into the body. Anyone interested in getting a flu shot at Wegmans is invited to stop by a Wegmans Pharmacy during regular business hours. Insurance is accepted and those without insurance can get the shot for a small fee. To learn more about how Wegmans can help you this flu season you can also visit them at 


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