One of the most famous women to ever call Central New York home will be honored around the world on March 10.

Girl Trek, a national nonprofit and health movement, is hosting a Global Walk For Harriet Tubman on that day. Women of color everywhere are encouraged to get out at sunrise and walk either by themselves or with a small group of family or friends, and use the time to reflect on Harriet’s work.

“Over the past ten years, we’ve rallied over a million black women to commit to a daily habit of walking, to walk outside of their front doors. to reclaim their health and inspire their communities” says Girl Trek’s Founder, Vanessa Garrison. “And from the beginning, we’ve been using the story of Harriet Tubman as inspiration and motivation. We tell people if Harriet Tubman could walk to freedom, we can walk to better health.”

March 10 has a special connection to Harriet Tubman: it’s the day she died in 1913, while living in Auburn. She’s buried at the Fort Hill Cemetery within city limits. 2022 is also a special year, as it marks the 200th anniversary of Tubman’s birth.

“I think it’s important that we celebrate the place where she chose to live to let everyone know that freedom and righteousness are very important even today” says Reverend Paris Price of the Harriet Tubman Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Auburn. “We must in our homes, in our communities and our cities, we must stand up and represent the legacy of Harriet Tubman that allows each one of us to take personal responsibility as well as community responsibility to be able to help one another to live a life that is of freedom and thriving.”

Harrison and Price will join members of Harriet’s family in Auburn on the morning of March 10, and broadcast live on Girl Trek’s social media pages.

“It’s a sacred solo journey and opportunity to reflect on what Harriet’s life means to us now, and an opportunity for you to get moving and to talk to somebody in your community about Harriet on that day” adds Garrison.

Click here to visit Girl Trek’s website to learn more about the Global Walk For Harriet Tubman and to register.