Going gluten free is a diet trend for some, but for others it’s not a choice and that’s why November is dedicated to highlighting the problems that gluten products can cause for some.

Autism Advocate Christina Van Ditto Warter and her daughter Gia are both gluten free and she says there are many ways that we can all be aware of other peoples intolerances, especially around the holidays.

“Food is definitely the focus throughout the holidays, so it can be a concern but it can also be a lot of fun as we get to baking season,” she says.

She adds that a lot of foods are naturally gluten free but if you’re going out in search of gluten free options then it’s important to shop smart. Locally, Wegmans and Aldi’s offer labeled foods that make shopping so much easier if you have any food aversions.

Just in time for the holidays, Christina and her daughter Gia are serving up delicious “Thankful Pumpkin Cookies.” The special how-two “Baking With A Bestie” video is fun and informational and Christina says she and her daughter will be featuring a new recipe each month. It’s also a great way to learn more about how to make a gluten free diet work for you.

For anyone looking to make the switch to gluten free and aren’t sure where to start, Christina says to start with the sweets.

“If you’re making the transition and you want your child or loved one to love them, start with the desserts. Go to the store and find Pillsbury or Betty Crocker boxed foods. The work is done for you, you just add a few ingredients and they taste delicious.

To learn more about how Christina can help you and your family, find her online at SouldAndMindEvolution.com.