(WSYR-TV) — While it’s still cold outside, you can start growing your own garden inside. Rachel Haber, the founder of Knowing Nature, and the inventor of the Knowing Nature Planters joins Bridge Street today to fill us all in on the joys of microgreens at home, no matter where you live. 

Microgreens can offer the same amount of nutrition as a full grown vegetable but grown in less space, less time, less water and with zero fertilizers. For example, one study found that if you grow nutritionally equal amounts of broccoli microgreens and full grown broccoli, the microgreens will use about 200 times less water, 93% less time, and none of the fertilizers.

Growing microgreens creates feelings of joy, calm and connection that people often get from gardening. For young people it’s very exciting to put seeds in soil, watch them grow & harvest food that they grew themselves. For older people it is a way to experience the joy of gardening even when it is too cold or hot to garden outdoors, or if our mobility at the time is keeping us indoors.

To find out more about Knowing Nature, or to learn more about growing microgreens at home, visit KnowingNature.com.