(WSYR-TV) — Agriculture is a fabric of the Central New York community, and just like any other business they need support too.

That is where the Grow-NY Business Competition comes in.

The deadline for startups to apply is June 15 at 5 p.m. Jenn Smith of Grow-NY joined the show to discuss the benefits are participating in the competition.

Grow-NY is focused on helping food and agriculture startups by providing them capital and support needed to help the food system in New York State thrive. Participants will compete for up to $1 million in funding. The applicants are narrowed down to 20 finalists who will then compete at the Grow-NY Summit in Binghamton this November.

From there, seven winners will be announced for a total $3 million in prize money. If you would like learn more about the application process, or Grow-NY itself, head over to Grow-NY.com.