Halloween Looks Using Makeup You Already Have

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Spooky doesn’t have to be expensive. Makeup artist Marcela Tobar shares two Halloween looks you can do at home using makeup you may already have.


  • The look starts with a headband featuring cat ears.
  • For this look, Tobar is using a lipstick palette from Anastasia.
  • Start by lining the top lip with black and filling it in.
  • Next, take the black liner and continue your lip line to under your cheekbone.
  • Use the liner to draw whiskers across your cheeks.
  • Create white spots below your nose, but above your lips on either side.
  • Add freckles inside of the white spots with your liner.
  • Paint your bottom lip white.
  • Add whiskers to your eyebrows and fill in.
  • Paint the tip of your nose black.
  • Finally, add a black line from under your nose to the top of your lip.


  • For this look, Tobar uses the Mehron Paradise palette.
  • First, an inexpensive headband can be decorated with flowers and a black veil.
  • Next use black lipstick for your lips.
  • Paint around your eyes black as well.
  • Using cutout jewels from a Halloween or dollar store, peel and stick them. To keep the jewels from falling off, Tobar suggests using a liquid adhesive.
  • Use black to paint your nose.

Marcela Tobar is creating 31 Halloween looks, counting down to Halloween. You can follow her on Instagram @MTMakeup1 or visit her online at MarcelaTobar.com.

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