(WSYR-TV) — Any type of move forces you to think about what you want to bring with you and what you might want to get rid of.

Many older adults experience “rightsizing” as they prepare for retirement community living. Rightsizing is different from downsizing.

Loretto explained that rightsizing is reducing the number of items you own by shifting your perspective and realigning your space to accommodate for a major life change. While downsizing happens when an unexpected life event happens that requires you to move quickly. Whether it’s a job change or a medical event that requires you to move to a smaller residence at a moment’s notice—what do you bring? Will it fit? What about the rest of your stuff?

Kara Gemmell, director of Nottingham Independent Living and Jennifer Novak, owner of Caring Transitions joined Bridge Street to provide tips for older adults and their families.

Do you think you are ready to right-size to plan for your next chapter? Loretto and Caring Transitions can help. Visit TheNottingham.org to learn more about resources available.

You can also learn more at LorettoCNY.org.