Part hibernation and part vacation. ‘Hibercation’ meets home cooking experts say that it’s 100% good for the soul and the bowl.

Grace Mattingly of Inns of Aurora and Aurora Cooks, says serving up a universal comfort food can be perfect for a ‘Hibercation’ get away. Her ‘DIY’ take on simple Ramen is perfect for a night in, she says.

“So the idea is that you can come to the Inn, take a little vacation while you’re still right in your backyard and then come to Aurora Cooks, learn how to make Ramen and then you can go home and do it for the rest of the winter and have a really comforting, beautiful meal,” she adds.

Some of her go-to ingredients include chicken broth, various green vegetables, seaweed, an egg and so much more.

The Aurora Inn is featuring a Ramen event in their new demonstration kitchen on Thursday nights. The event is designed to make you feel as though you’re in a chef’s home: intimate yet spacious, refined yet relaxed. From signature demonstrations to tasting experiences and skills workshops, each session at Aurora Cooks is meant to inspire your creativity, expand your culinary knowledge, and create memories with your loved ones.

The Aurora Inn is just one of the different hotels participating in the Cayuga County Tourism “Hibercation” opportunity. The Hilton Garden Inn, Springside Inn and other venues across the county are offering special ‘Hibercation’ packages.

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