Holiday Snacking Options That Fit Into A Healthy Diet

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Holiday parties can be tough to navigate if you are watching what you eat but nutritionist Kelly Springer says the key to sticking to your diet is eating real food. Real food is food that is natural and not processed or filled with chemicals. “Make your holidays simple and healthy this year,” says Springer.

Cabot cheese is a quick and healthy option for get-togethers. “If you’re entertaining and you want to put that cheese board together in seconds, we have the cracker cuts from Cabot which are already pre-cut. How easy is this!” Cabot cheeses are made from simple ingredients: milk, salt, and cheese-making cultures. There are tons of different products and a variety of flavors. Cabot has won awards for their taste and proceeds go back to the 800 New England farmers that provide the ingredients, making it a great and healthy local buy.

Another great snack comes from Setton Farms. Their pistachios now come in pre-seasoned packs in delicious flavor combinations like jalapeno, garlic and onion, and salt and pepper. All nuts are heart-healthy with no cholesterol and a good fiber source but pistachios have the lowest amount of fat and calories of any nut, according to Springer.

Premier Protein Shakes are another great item to have on hand for a snack. “If you’re out holiday shopping and you want an easy and convenient product that tastes great, super convenient and ready to go, Premier Protein Shakes are it,” said Springer. The shakes come in 7 different flavors, have 30 grams of protein, are only 160 calories and have just 1 gram of sugar! Premier Protein Shakes make a great breakfast, an afternoon snack or post-workout drink.

You can find recipes online to incorporate these delicious foods in more of your holiday feast. And to learn more information visit

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