During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the home-schooling trend grew considerably with so many parents faced with the decision to send their child to school or opt for them to learn at home. But today, as COVID cases are on the decline, studies show that home-schooling is still trending with many parents continuing to keep kids learning outside of the classroom.

Dr. Tanya Pellettiere says there are reasons for many parents to keep kids at home.

“I think a lot of families have just decided that educating their children at home is the best decision for them,” she says. “To be honest a lot of kids did really well at home and in some cases it allows for a lot more flexibility and a better learning environment for some kids.”

The landscape and stigma surrounding home-schooling has also changed and the practice is much more normalized than ever before, Tanya adds.

“Ten years ago I would have said to put kids in school with their peers and have them socialize,” she says. Her opinion has since changed because of the acceptance around home-schooling that seems to be happening more and more. Parents are cooping when it comes to educating kids and their prioritizing socialization too, she adds.

But this recent uptick has many left to wonder what it means for the school systems across the country and here locally. Tanya says it’s an important time for parents, teachers and the education system to see what’s happening and take note.

“School systems should be taking notice because parents are home-schooling and people aren’t going into teaching. I think we need to look at all those trends and as a community prioritize our children’s learning.”

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