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Hill Cumorah Pageant: Oldest & Largest Outdoor Religious Pageant in North America

With over 5,000 chairs already lined up, rehearsals for the 81st annual Hill Cumorah Pageant are underway in Palmyra, NY.

The outdoor show is the longest running and largest religious pageant in North America. With approximately 740 cast members of all ages, the run-time is about an hour and twenty minutes. Production Manager Mike McCurdy said that audiences are guaranteed to learn and take in everything the show has to offer.

“There’s so many aspects of this. It’s a story about Christ, the story about Christ in America, the story about The Book of Mormon," he said. "So you’ll learn a little bit, but the technical aspects of this are quite remarkable. You see rain and fire and destruction and dancing and battle scenes," he added.

The show focuses on the Mormon faith and their beliefs of Christ but volunteers say that there is still much to experience in the production.

More than 1,200 costumes will be featured in the production that can accommodate 30,000 people if need be.  The pageant brings people from from around the world to Palmyra for the multi week-long endeavor.

Parking and admission to the pageant is free. Performances will take place July 13th, 14th, and the 17th through the 21st. For more information about the Hill Cumorah Pageant visit

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