(WSYR-TV) — Immunotherapy is on the rise as a form of treatment for cancer patients. Doctor Richard Cherny of the Hematology-Oncology Associates of Central New York studied at the University of Rochester and the world-renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle. He shares information on immunotherapy and how it’s become a hot topic lately for cancer treatment.

Immunotherapy is a way to enhance and use one’s own immune system to fight off cancer cells. Doctor Cherny says that for many years, it was difficult to figure out the science of immunotherapy. Now, however, the scientific community has made great strides in learning how to use immunotherapy to treat cancer cells.

Immunotherapy is something available to people in the Central New York area who need cancer treatment as well. It’s pretty well-tolerated for most people who have cancer, and it’s given doctors a lot of hope regarding cancer treatment.

Doctor Cherny participates in a yearly event called the Pan-Mass Challenge, a bikeathon that has been going on for over 40 years now. The event raises money for cancer research and cancer care for the Dana-Farber Cancer Center in Boston. People have donated $6,000 for Doctor Cherny to take this ride. Doctor Cherny also had his head shaved by one of his patients as part of his fundraising efforts for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

For more information on the Hematology-Oncology Associates of Central New York, visit them online at HOACNY.com.