It is an age-old question: is salt a good thing or a bad thing for our body?  

Andrea Atcheson, the Owner of Heart Health Academy and a Physician Assistant, Wellness Coach and Chef, says it is a good thing, but in moderation. 

“We all need some sodium in our diets to function” she says. “It’s a it’s a normal thing. The problem is most Americans consume way too much. That can lead to a lot of problems with our bodily systems and the big one is heart disease.” 

Lisa Losito, a nurse and Heart Failure Program Coordinator at St. Joseph’s Health, says generally, 2000 milligrams of salt are recommended per person, per day. 

Too much salt can be dangerous, even deadly. 

“What happens is, if you consume too much salt, and a lot of people do, the fluid can build up in your bloodstream” adds Atcheson. “Then the problem is the kidneys sometimes cannot filter that out so that you have fluid buildup, which could be in your legs. It can be in their lungs and then that could cause congestive heart failure. The other thing is too much salt can cause high blood pressure. So, when you have that, which millions of Americans do, it could cause heart attacks and stroke which can kill you.” 

Watch the video to see Atcheson and Losito share more health information about salt, including how to easily cut it out of your diet. 

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