(WSYR-TV) — The holidays are coming up and they’re getting ready to mingle and jingle the night away in Caz.

The Cazenovia Business District is re-imagining their holiday fun, with two nights of special events and special savings.

The first one is next Thursday, November 16th. McKenzie Houseman is a Caz Business Owner helping to coordinate the nights out, along with Caz students Delanie Dowling and Zoey Gagne.

Night 1

  • End at the Brae Loch for live music, drinks and free pub food
  • You’ll receive one free drink on Caz Life – this enters you to win Caz Bucks and a Simon Pierce Christmas tree from Caz Jewelry

Night 2

  • Follows the same format
  • It ends at the Lincklaen House
  • Christmas Walk Weekend is Dec 1-3 – launches “Selfies with Santa”

You can find out more about the holidays in Cazenovia, and the two “Mingle & Jingle” nights, at Cazenovia.com/caznightout or at CazenoviaLife.com.