July Fourth weekend is often known as one of the most exciting times of the year, loaded with fun gatherings, cookouts and fireworks too. But professionals like Dr. Jessica Summers of Clark Burn Center At Upstate University Hospital say it’s also one of the busiest times of the year for accidents and burns.

Dr. Summers says that everyone should take the proper safety precautions when it comes to fireworks, grilling and being around any kind of open flame.

Dr. Summers adds that taking time to make sure that fireworks are set up correctly is vital. Only set off one firework at a time, and ensure you trust where you purchased the fireworks from. Use caution when working with kids 18 years old and younger too. She also advises that everyone should have a bucket of cool water nearby while using sparklers to put them out when necessary and cool them down once they are done burning to ensure no one gets burned by accident.

Other things to consider is safety in and around the water and staying safe outdoors.

To learn more about staying safe this holiday visit Upstate University Hospital’s Burn Unit website upstate.edu/burncenter