(WSYR-TV) — With fall approaching, cold and flu season isn’t far behind. This time of year, there might be confusion between COVID-19 symptoms and cold/flu symptoms. There are also concerns about the spread of monkeypox and the re-emergence of polio.

President of the College of American Pathologists Dr. Emily Volk shares information on how to be prepared as the seasons change.

The FDA changed guidelines regarding at-home COVID-19 tests. Instead of advising people to take two tests, they’re now recommending taking three. It may take a couple days for an at-home test to come back with a positive result for someone who is infected.

It’s also important to make sure you have enough tests with you at home and to make sure they’re not expired.

The FDA is also recommending taking three tests to reduce the risk of infection for those going back to school.

Dr. Emily Volk says that if you have symptoms but you test negative once for COVID-19 and then again 48 hours later, you probably do not have the virus. If you test positive at any point, it is very likely you do have COVID-19.

Thankfully, people can get their COVID-19 booster shot and flu shot on the same day. While the omicron variant is often less severe than other variants, it can still take you out of work and make you feel under the weather. It can also cause the virus to be transmitted to other people whose immune systems may be more vulnerable.

However, COVID-19 isn’t the only things on people’s minds. There has also been an increased spread of monkeypox and polio.

Dr. Emily Volk says cases of monkeypox do seem to be decreasing now, even though infection was becoming more prevalent over the past few months. Vaccines are available, and thankfully, those who are more at-risk are able to get the vaccines.

Polio is more severe than COVID-19 or monkeypox. However, most people are fully vaccinated and have been since they were children. If you or your child are not fully vaccinated for polio, now is a good time to complete those doses.

For more information, visit CDC.gov or FDA.gov.