(WSYR-TV) — February is National Heart Awareness Month and Kelly Springer, a registered Dietitian and member of the American Heart Association Board of Directors, offers us some tips and tricks to promote heart health.

The key to a healthy heart is your diet. Two tips that Kelly expressed were make black walnuts your new best friend and get some omega 3’S in your diet.

Black walnuts are a healthy fat that is high in fiber, iron, and protein and low in saturated fat. They can be enjoyed in anything from oatmeal and baked goods to yogurt and salad.

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid to which around 90% of the population has a deficiency. Kelly offered the perfect alternative, EO3, the world’s first multi-nutritional Omega-3 fruit smoothie. It reduces heart disease and gets you all the antioxidants you need for a healthy heart.  

Kelly’s Choice is a nutrition and health company that offers private nutrition counseling, workplace wellness, and educational webinars. For more info, head over to KellysChoice.org.