Local Company, Intellipure Helps People Breathe Better

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A locally owned and operated Central New York Company is helping people breath better, one air purifying system at a time.

Owner Vinny Lobdell says that his company, Intellipure aims to help people breath better and in turn build better lives too.

“The World Health Organization states that air quality is the number one concern facing humans world wide,” he said. “So our company is really focused on delivering solutions to any indoor air quality program you may face,” he adds.

There are many contributing factors to poor air quality and a space with a lot of people and older buildings can often be major proponents of air quality problems. Intellipure can help combat that both in home and professionally.

Little Lukes Day Care and Pre School has been providing care to children for 17 years and is just one of the Central New York businesses that signed on with Intellipure.

Ed Alberts of Little Lukes Pre-School and Child Hood Center said they signed on to install systems within all of their centers as a way to keep kids healthier all year through.

Alberts added that an increase in allergies and asthma in children was one of the biggest reasons why the company decided to inquire about Intellipure. They have the air system in all five of their day care centers and hope that they can help to reduce the risk of those health concerns in children.

Reducing health risks are just some of the ways that Intellipure can help people live better lives and Lobdell says that purifying the air is just the beginning.

“There’s so many things that we can do. It’s not just treating your air. It’s how we clean our homes. It’s how we build our homes and light our homes, so just useful things to make a healthier home,” he said.

Intellipure has systems of different sizes that can be used in the home and at various locations including complete building systems.

To learn more about Intellipure and to speak directly with a Sales Representative, please call 1-800-843-3860 or visit Intellipure.com.

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