With the ghosts and goblins of Halloween behind us, local screenwriters are once again making our spirits bright as their newest movie premieres on Lifetime November 2nd.

Last year Keith and Juliet Giglio sold their screenplay “A Very Nutty Christmas” to the network. It featured Melissa Joan Hart as a hardworking bakery owner fighting through the busy holiday season and a sudden breakup but she’s given a little bit of Christmas magic at just the right time.

Working with Melissa Joan Hart once again, the Giglios penned, “Christmas Reservations.” “This movie started out actually on the set of our last movie,” said Keith. It began with Hart suggesting a movie set at a ski lodge. Jumping from that idea the Giglios began a play on words with ski reservations. “People have reservations about growing old, about being a good parent, reservations about falling in love again so we liked this idea of this double meaning for the word reservations,” said Juliet. The main storyline follows Holly, the event coordinator at her family’s lodge, The Treeline Ski Resort. Her college sweetheart, now widowed checks in with two children and Holly discovers her own reservations about life and love.

As consulting producers, the Giglios were on set and able to be more involved in the process. They are even extras in the trivia scene!

Tune into the Lifetime Channel Saturday, November 2nd for the premiere of “Christmas Reservations”. And stay tuned for two more movies from the Giglios next holiday season!