Love: it’s the premise of the famous Nat King Cole song and now it’s part of a major billboard campaign that’s popping up along Syracuse’s highways!  

Created by John Pogachar in Spokane, Washington, the campaign quickly gained traction and became a movement dedicated to spreading love.  Inspired by the idea, Theresa Forger and Gregg Van Buskirk decided to bring the “Love on Every Billboard” movement to Syracuse. 

It all started when Forger lost her father late last year. Thanksgiving was the first time in 70 years he hadn’t spent the holiday with his wife.  After a tough year, Theresa wanted to do something that celebrated her parents love and bring love to Syracuse.  

This billboard became the 127th of the movement and the first in New York State. Currently, it is located on Route 695 near Fairmount.   

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