Makeup and lifestyle Expert Christina Samuels says there are a few simple ways that anyone can perfect their “look of love,” for Valentine’s Day.

Samuels starts with a simple soft smokey eye on model Maggie. She says that in order to “amp it up a little,” you can add fake eyelashes. However, since this can sometimes be hard to do when you’re not used to putting on lashes, Samuels shares a little trick by taking a natural set of lashes, measuring them to the eye, cutting them from the back, and adding them right to the lash.

Calling it “Crayola for adults,” Christina Samuels offers a makeup hack for lips.  The Elf lip stain marker is fun to use when you want to try something new because it is inexpensive, it is from a cruelty free company, and you can get it at local drug stores.

Since red is seen as the statement color for Valentine’s day, if you want to branch out and try a color other than red, Samuels says “a really pretty berry, especially for this season, will look great.” With the lip stain, Samuels says, “you can throw a lipstick or gloss over it to get shine, but when the gloss fades, you’re still going to have color.”

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