(WSYR-TV) — Everyone can use more joy in their lives, so why not make this year a”Year of Joy.” To help us out with that is America’s Joy Magnet Shari Alyse, who shares details on a project devoted to making 2023 a joyful year.

It’s all part of a global community project called the “Year of Joy,” and it’s backed by researchers from The Art and Science of Joy. the goal is to help people harvest more joy in their day to day lives.

Each week for one whole year, community participants will be given free access to inspiring stories, empowering wisdom and practical tips by one of 52 joy superpower experts, covering the four core joy ingredients which include wellbeing, belonging, positive impact and fun.

The joy experts will share their knowledge and advice on how to use each superpower to build joy. They are currently working with their research partners to invite over 5 million people to be a part of this to help impact individuals and organizations.

You can learn more about the “Year of Joy” and join in on the project by visiting theartandscienceofjoy.com. Just click on the “Year of Joy” tab.

You can also learn more about Shari Alyse by visiting her website at sharialyse.com.