(WSYR-TV) — If you are a popcorn lover and you live in Central New York, you are in luck.

The Kandied Kernel Popcorn Shop is a veteran owned, family-oriented gourmet popcorn shop in Cicero. Featuring nearly 250 or more popcorn flavors daily, delicious gourmet popcorn, cotton kandy, popcorn pizzas, chocolate-covered pretzels and more, the Kandied Kernel may be just the place to check out if you are looking for something fun.

Tina Saxby and Terri Lingenfelter of Kandied Kernel joined Bridge Street Wednesday to discuss their offerings and their love of popcorn.

Located in the Aldi’s Plaza in Cicero, you can find The Kandied Kernel Popcorn Shop online at KandiedKernel.com.