Syracuse University Professor Brice Nordquist, artists in-residence, and National Geographic are producing a collection of refugee history through artistic expression.

The Narratio Fellowship program was founded in 2019 with the goal of pairing cohorts of resettled immigrant youth with artists in-resident who have a refugee or immigrant background. Through the program, they’re able to connect and tell stories on their own terms and understand the complexities of their own histories. The program is in its fourth year of connecting local refugee youth and helping students make lasting educational and career foundations.

“I learned how to channel my emotion though art and through words. They (artists) were really supportive of any story I wanted to tell so it was a really amazing experience,” 2021 Narratio Fellow Ryanne Kanaan says.

“I was in the first cohort to be able to do the fellowship and that was back in 2019 fresh out of high school. It really connected me with different people in Syracuse higher-up, like Brice…” Narratio Artist Khadija Mohamed shares.

The Narratio exhibit is on display at La Casita through the end of July and for more information go to