(WSYR-TV) — The significant costs associated with chronic care can make it difficult for patients to stay in their own homes, but with the help of companies like Nascentia, people like Judith Bowman have the ability to receive care at home from nurses like Danielle Sheriff.

Judith Bowman has been a member and patient of Nascentia Health for over five years and is overseen by Danielle Sheriff, an RN in Nascentia’s Chronic Care Team.

A priority for Judy has always been to remain in her home with her husband Glen and their dog Molly. Nascentia Health has enabled Judy to remain in her home and receive the care she needs with the assistance of a skilled nurse and a wonderful home health aide. Judy also uses our telehealth system which utilizes a tablet for video conferencing with medical staff, a blood pressure cuff and an oximeter further allowing her to remain at home.

To learn more about Nascentia, find them online at NascentiaHealth.org.