New Bassinets At Oswego Health Help Baby And Mom Bond Faster

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Oswego Health has recently introduced a new piece of equipment for new mothers which will help them bond with newborns quicker. The bassinet alternative addresses the issues of mobility women can have right after birth, and allows easier access to newborns around hospital beds.

According to Dr. Dan Coty from Oswego Health, new mothers often have issues bending over to pick up their babies with the pain after surgeries and childbirth.

“It makes it easier to bring the baby to you when you’re not feeling one hundred percent,” said Dr. Coty.

This new equipment should lessen the strain of twisting and lifting as it allows mothers to swivel newborns around their beds in recovery rooms as well as breastfeed them with ease.

The bassinets, which move side to side as well as up and down smoothly, are also great for positioning children as it can be dangerous to keep babies in bed with sleeping mothers.

“We’ve had them for about six months and patients love it. They like the ease of it,” said Dr. Coty. “We encourage [babies] to be next to mom, but if mom wants to shower or just wants a little bit of rest for a few hours of sleep, [the babies] stay right in there and they have everything they need.”

Oswego Health OBGYN has two offices in Oswego and one in Fulton, and to learn more about services visit

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