(WSYR-TV) — Technology is rapidly changing, so to keep up-to-date on the latest offerings can be a bit of a challenge. Tech Smart’s Rich Demuro has the scoop on what’s happening in the world of technology.

Apple has unveiled several new high end laptops that have the company’s latest processor inside.

Apple is introducing new 14 and 16 inch Macbook Pro models with the m2 Pro and m2 Pro max processors inside. They offer higher performance and the longest battery life ever on a Mac, coming in at 22 hours.

Apple also introduced a new tool for businesses that makes it easy to edit and change listing details across Apple maps, Siri and more. The tool is called Apple Business Connect.

An update to Google’s alarm clock app now lets you wake up to any sound you want, including your own voice.

The new feature for Android lets you use the microphone on your smartphone to record a sound that can then be used as your alarm clock ringer. Users could previously use a built in sound, a song or an audio file. With this new option, you can record something at any time and hear it when your alarm goes off.

An affordable robot dog got a lot of attention not only for its price but also its personality.

The WowWee Chip Robot Dog is a smart, connected dog that gets a unique personality the first time you set it up. Some love to sleep, others will always be hungry, and some may be shy or playful. The dog has sensors for audio and touch, allowing it to know when it is being pet. The dog sells for $80 and will be available this fall.