(WSYR-TV) — Onondaga Community College (OCC) has officially unveiled its new Cannabis Education Program on Monday, January 23 giving students a pathway into a rapidly growing industry.

There are three tracks to this program: 

  • Cannabis Cultivation Science – Which teaches students will learn about horticulture, cannabis growth, pest remediation, and the science of the glandular trichrome.
  • Cannabis Dispensary Training – Where students will learn about dispensary operations, CBD, the history of cannabis, advocacy, terpenes, and cultivars.
  • Cannabis Extractions – Which teaches students about edibles, mechanical extractions, ethanol hydrocarbon extractions, CO2 extractions, and post processing. 

The first five students to enroll before February 3, 2023, will receive 30% off tuition.

OCC President Dr. Warren Hilton joined the show to promote the program and fill us in other exciting things happening on campus.

For more information, head over to sunyocc.edu/cannabishub-occ.