For many people, hearing the words “Social Security Disability Law” can be confusing. That’s why Howard Olinsky, Managing Partner of the Olinsky Law Group, helps clients break down the laws so they are easy to understand.

With a staff of 40, the Olinsky Law Group helps lots of people who are not working and are trying to finance their lifestyle.

If you are 50 or 55 years old and had a job where you had to stand for most of the day and can no longer do so, Social Security can consider that a disability. For example, teachers can claim this, and if their doctor agrees, they can be eligible for disability benefits totaling nearly $2,600 dollars a month. Individuals are eligible for disability benefits for five full years after they stop working.

Many individuals get denied the first time applying, but the Olinsky Law Group stresses the importance of persisting and appealing their case. For lots of people who were denied disability benefits numerous times, the Olinsky Law Group was able to change that.

“We expect that a person is going to be denied a number of times before they’re actually approved” says Olinsky. “The key is not to reapply, you have to appeal.”

The Olinsky Law Group has a much higher rate than the national average in terms of people who are denied and then eventually receive the benefits.

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