On Screen With Brian Miller 2.14.17

Bridge Street

Brian Miller’s on screen review for this week looks at two Best-Picture Oscar nominated films, Fences and Arrival.

Denzel Washington’s Fences takes place in Pittsburgh in the 1950’s following Troy, a sanitation worker who dreamed of playing professional baseball.  Due to the racial discrimination, Troy was not able to pursue these dreams, this circumstance threatens to tear both him and his family apart. Starring alongside Stephen Henderson and Viola Davis,Troy is married to Davis’ character Rose. Miller says that Davis’ performance guarantees her a win for “Best Supporting Actress”. While Washington is nominated for “Best Actor”, Miller says he has a very good chance of winning despite fellow nominee Casey Affleck’s initial momentum.  He adds that the film is centrally located and never leaves the family’s home. The story’s dialogue is engaging making it an interesting and intense film.  Miller gives Fences five stars.

The second film reviewed was Arrival starring Amy Adams as linguistics professor Louise Banks. When mysterious spacecrafts land on Earth, Louise must interpret the language of the alien visitors. Miller and Fox both said that Adams deserved to be nominated for her performance in Arrival. Miller describes the film as an anti-Independence-Day-esque story.  It’s very dialogue driven, with not a lot of action on screen.  He says that he does not think Arrival will win for best picture but gives the film five stars.


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