Onondaga Community College Invites You To Their Fall Open House

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Onondaga Community College’s (O.C.C.) Fall open house is Saturday, October 26th and for those who don’t know, there are many reasons why OCC is making a name for itself in Central New York and beyond.

The campus spans 280 acres and is hosts to students of all ages and diversities. The college has also seen 16 national championships across various sports and has an official partnership with Barnes & Noble College which supplies books and learning supplies for a low flat-rate to students. And a 2019 report found that students have a 21.7% rate of return on their educational investment.

Among some of the school’s diverse group of students is sophomore Sean Egan, who commutes to campus and is involved in different activities on and off the school grounds.

“I’m a communications student at O.C.C. and I’m a real-estate agent at Howard Hannah. That’s half the reason why I love O.C.C. because it allows me to do all these things,” said Egan.

Tricia Buttiglieri is a mother of two who went back to school following the birth of her second child. The education major took up a weekend program while working and raising her children.

“I had always wanted to go to college and when I was younger, it wasn’t in the right opportunity for me,” Buttiglieri said. education major at O.C.C. “I started to see all the opportunities that could lie ahead for me at 40 and saw a second opportunity at life to do what I wanted.”

Prospective students of all ages are invited to attend the Open House event. Campus tours, financial aid discussions and learning about the application process will all be part of the event.

OCC’s Fall Open House kicks off from 9am to 1pm on Saturday October 26 at the SRC Arena. To learn more and to pre-register visit SunyOCC.edu.

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