Orange-Ginger Shrimp Escabeche by Chef John

Bridge Street

Orange-Ginger Shrimp Escabeche

Of 3 each Orange zest and juice
Of 1 each lime juice
1 tblsp kosher salt
4 tblsp fresh chopped oregano
1/4 cup local honey
1 cup extra Virgin olive oil
1 cup small diced red onion
1 each jalapeño pepper (deseeded and minced)
1 cup fresh ginger (very small diced)

2lbs peeled/deveined/cooked/chilled 16/20 size shrimp


In a medium sized bowl, add the orange juice, zest, lime juice, salt oregano and honey. Whisk in the olive oil by hand until emulsified. Fold in remaining ingredients until well mixed. Place in a ziplock bag and let marinate at least overnight. Enjoy!

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