Oswego County Restaurant Serves Up The Best Burger In New York State

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An Oswego County restaurant getting a big honor: one of the burgers on their menu was selected as the best in all of New York State!

Monirae’s Casual Dining and Entertainment in Pennellville won the contest run by the New York Beef Council for their ‘Mighty Declan Burger.’

“Basically it’s 8 ounces of New York Strip Steak and 8 ounces of our other burger that we serve and we take it and grind it” says owner Paul Meyers. It also has A-1 sauce, cheese sauce, mushrooms, bacon and homemade onion frizzles.

“This was named after our grandson Declan” adds owner Kathy Meyers. “Declan is pretty mighty so we knew it had to be pretty large and something special. He thinks he’s a superstar now that he’s won the award.”

Monirae’s Casual Dining and Entertainment is located at 688 County Route 10 in Pennellville. They will soon receive a plaque and special recognition from the New York Beef Council for winning the annual contest.

Click here to visit Moniraes.com or visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

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