General Manager Mitch Kinney from Peppino’s Restaurant and Caterings shares the recipe for Pistachio Pesto Pasta that you can taste at Philanthropic Foodies Annual Culinary Showcase event. The event allows visitors to eat, drink and give back to two local charities and will take place at the Marriott Syracuse on Sunday, July 29th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at The Marriott Syracuse Downtown. 

Along side Peppino’s Restaurant, there will be 18 other local chefs creating delicious dishes at the event. Those in attendance certainly won’t leave hungry and all the money raised will support Dorothy House and The Shamrock Animal Fund. To purchase tickets visit:

Peppino’s Restaurant is located at 1849 Grant Boulevard in Syracuse. For more information, call at 315-422-2395 or visit

Recipe for Pistachio Pesto Pasta courtesy of Peppino’s Restaurant:

Pistachio (Ground into a dust)
1 fl oz. butter
2 fl oz pasta
Torn Radicchio
Shaved Parmesan

Grind pistachio into a dust.

Melt 1 fl oz of butter in a sauté pan, pinch off sausage into hot pan and brown. Monitor your pan heat and do not let the butter burn. Add 2 fl oz pasta water to the pan with sausage in it.

Allow sauce to reduce while cooking pasta. Cook pasta for 45 seconds to 1 min depending on age of pasta.

Add pasta, pesto and 2 fl oz more pasta water to the pan with the sausage and toss vigorously off heat to bring sauce together. Add torn radicchio right before plating. Twist pasta into tight spiral and plate on a large pasta plate.

Garnish with slivered radicchio, shaved parmesan and crushed pistachio.