Philanthropic Foodies Culinary Showcase To Feature Local Chefs For a Cause

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Nearly two dozen central New York chefs will be cooking for a cause at the Philanthropic Foodies Culinary Showcase on Sunday, July 28th, with food tastings, wine, and more for guests to enjoy.  

Chefs from restaurants such as A Mano Kitchen and Bar will gather to showcase unique recipes to benefit the Friends of Dorothy House and Joseph’s House. A Mano Kitchen will be serving up corn casoncelli with blueberry, black pepper, and wild thyme.

Raising almost $320,000 for different local charities in the community, Philanthropic Foodies has given local chefs an opportunity to give back as well as showcasing their talents to the public.

The event will also feature a silent auction, live entertainment, and 15 different breweries, wineries, and distilleries providing beverage tastings.

The Philanthropic Foodies Showcase will be held at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown on Sunday, July 28th from 4pm to 8pm. There is a $100 minimum donation which includes both tastings and drinks. For more information, visit

Recipe for Corn Casoncelli with Blueberry, Black Pepper and Wild Thyme


▪ Pasta dough (“00” flour, durum, egg yolk, EVOO, water)

▪ Corn filling (onion, corn, corn milk, salt, pepper)

▪ Blueberry sauce (blueberries, salt, sugar, butter)

▪ Wild thyme

▪ Oyster mushrooms


▪ Pasta dough: Mix “00” and durum, add yolks and EVOO. Mix on mid-speed slowly, adding water till bound. Knead on table ‘til smooth.

▪ Corn filling: Sweat onions in butter, add shucked corn and sweat, (to make corn milk, steep 10ea corn cobs in ½ G milk), add corn milk to corn, cover & simmer for 45 min. While hot, strain mixture reserving liquid. Puree corn in Vitamix until smooth, add reserved liquid as needed (save the rest of the liquid – because it’s delicious!)

▪ Blueberry sauce: Find nice, farm-fresh blueberries, weigh blueberries and season with sea salt (2% of total weight), vacuum seal on high until all the air is removed. Let blueberries ferment at 70 degrees for 7 days releasing the air every other day. When finished, puree in blender with more fresh blueberries, mount with butter and season.

▪ Oyster mushrooms: Heat pan on medium-high ‘til oil is very hot. Add garlic and thyme sprig, remove pan from flame, add oyster mushrooms, saute for 2 min and then place on slotted rack to drain.

▪ Roll pasta to 1/8 in cut 2” strips, pipe filling onto pasta sheets and fold over, press filling shape and indent.

▪ Blanch pasta in boiling salted water cook for 2 min remove pasta from the water and add to pan with butter and pasta water. In another pan, heat blueberry sauce, spoon over pasta. Finish with mushrooms and wild thyme.

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