Quick And Easy Dinner For Halloween With A Treat For Parents

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Localhost of the online cooking show SpatchCockFunk Matt Read is sharing his take on a great Halloween dinner. “When you’ve got kids, especially it’s Halloween night, you’ve got to get out there and you’ve got to get them all bundled up right? So start the sugar rush early,” said Read. Breakfast for dinner is a quick and easy meal that will satisfy every palette.

Read starts by crisping bacon. Drain the grease and in the same pan, toast the doughnut a little. Set aside and fry the eggs. Top with sharp American cheese and the bacon until the cheese is melted. Then cut the doughnut in two and create a sandwich. “The sharp American gives a grown-up punch to it. That coupled with the sweetness of the doughnut…forget about it!” said Read. “We try to keep everything local on SpatchCockFunk,” said Read, using cheese and bacon from local butcher, Steigerwald’s and doughnuts from Glazed and Confused.

As a treat for the adults as the kids go door to door, Read made a hot buttered apple cider using Beak and Skiff cider spiked with nutmeg, a stick of butter, ground cloves and ¼ cup of brown sugar. Just add everything to a pot and heat. Add some spiced rum for a kick.

The SpatchCockFunk Cooking Show releases a new episode every Wednesday, bringing audiences new food and drink combinations along with stories from special guests. “I grew up and my mother, my grandmother, my dad, everybody that I know uses food as a way to show people you love them and a great way of telling stories,” shared Read. “It’s just a great way I think to show somebody you care about them.”

Learn more and catch the latest episode of SpatchCockFunk by visiting SpatchCockFunk.com

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