(WSYR-TV) — Jerry Marotta is one of the most popular and sought-after drummers. He toured with Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, and Tears for Fears working from his home base in Woodstock, New York. This week, Marotta is coming to Syracuse to headline the Northeast Jazz and Wine Festival with his tribute to Steely Dan, Reelin’ in the Years. 

The band, Jerry estimates, has been together five-to-six-years and has earned quite the following. 

“We get a pretty good turnout. People love Steely dan. I mean, and there is Steely Dan, who is still out there actively touring. I do not know about recording but, you know, we are a chance to see a great band doing the music of Steely Dan. We have a phenomenal group of musicians, and particularly our lead singer, Joey, is just incredible,” Marotta said. 

Jerry’s brother Rick, actually played with Steely Dan on three of the band’s records. Which he believes has helped not only himself but the band capture the Steely Dan sound.  

Reelin’ in the Years will play this Friday, July 29 10 p.m. in Clinton Square. The Northeast Jazz and Wine Festival kicks off a little bit earlier that same day and continues through Saturday. 

You can visit www.nejazzwinefest.org for more information about what bands are playing the festival.