(WSYR-TV) — Dr. Toni Warner coaches on mental health and talks about her new book “The Reset — A High Achievers Guide to Freedom and Fulfillment” which can be found on Amazon.

She shared 3 Tips to RESET for High Achievers:

Re-Define Success
Chronically stressed achievers often fear failure because of the importance they place on what others will or won’t think about them. Creating a new definition of success based on your own beliefs, thoughts and values creates more ease and less stress.

Re-Think Balance
For high achievers, “balance” often means juggling “all the things” by themselves. By giving themselves permission to focus on doing less but with more intention, they’ll experience less stress and anxiety without compromising their productivity levels.

Re-Frame “Compare and Despair”
High achievers often look at the success of others and compare themselves in a negative light, leading them to feel badly and criticize themselves more. Use others as a way to spark inspiration by applying “if they can, then the possibilities are endless for me too!”

To register for her upcoming virtual event, check out boldandbalancedcoaching.com.