Romeo & Juliet Go Contemporary At Red House Arts Center

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Staying true to Shakespeare’s words but not its setting, the Red House Arts Center presents Romeo & Juliet with a twist. Set it in a dystopian world on the edge of the apocalypse, this contemporary production finds Romeo & Juliet in desperate times.

Actor Noah Plomgren portrays Romeo, he describes the play as, “a more accessible way into the story, I think, for modern audiences.”

The modern setting consists of a war torn city on the brink of disaster. People are dressed to fight at any time and weapons are worn at all times.

The play performed on a stage surrounded by audience members on three sides, makes for an intimate setting. Actor Landon Tate Boyle, who plays Benvolio, said audience members will be “super close up” and see all the fighting on the stage a few feet away from them.

“We’re doing everything with knives in this show instead of swords. So it’s very up close and personal,” said Boyle.

Romeo & Juliet is playing at the Red House Arts Center, 400 South Salina Street, Syracuse. For showtimes and tickets visit

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