(WSYR-TV) — It might not quite be time to go back to school yet, but it may be time to start shopping in preparation. Consumer Savings Expert and Bridge Street Guest Co-Host Lauren Greutman shares tips on the best products to buy and the best ways to cut costs when shopping to go back to school.

Lauren has several apps that she recommends. The first is an app called “Flipp” that allows you to search for the best deals and prices on an item. She also recommends an app called “Fetch Rewards” that lets you scan receipts and earn gift cards. You can also use an app called “Coupon Sherpa” that tells you what coupons are available at each store.

Lauren says it’s important to make a budget for back-to-school spending. She specifically recommends using cash because it gives you a “hard stop.” If you give your kids cash and let them pick out their clothes up to $100, this teaches them how to budget as well.

Right now is a great time to stock up on cleaning supplies since college students and teachers are going back to school, therefore stores have lots of deals on these products.

For more information on Lauren and to learn more saving tips, visit her website at LaurenGreutman.com.