(WSYR-TV) — Arlene Stewart of The Mansion on James joined us on the show to declare its Save the Mansion Tours on 930 James Street located here in Syracuse on June 10th starting at 10 a.m.

For nearly 20 years, has been able to save this historic home of the abolitionists, George and Rebecca Barnes.

The historic home has given Central New York knowledge through educational seminars, tours, and other programs highlighting the importance of this historic residence to the Underground Railroad, the Freedom Trail, and the Abolitionist Movement.

The Mansion was built by George Barnes, a lawyer, industrialist, and entrepreneur, who accompanied him and his spouse, Rebecca where their family resided there. The Mansion is a stop on the CNY Freedom Trail.

For more information on the event and history check out mansiononjames.com or call 315-422-2445