Sit Means Sit Recommends Cool Products To Help Pets Beat The Summer Heat

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The first is a cooling mat for dogs to lie down on. The particular model Palmer has is pressure activated, so no water is needed. When the dog lies down the mat becomes cool to the touch. It recharges in 15 to 20 minutes and the mat is ready to use again.

Trigger sports a bandana that is also a way he can stay cool. Owners can soak the bandana in water and put it in the freezer. The bandana won’t get hard because of the material it is made with. Once it’s at a frosty temperature, just wrap the bandana around the dog’s neck.

Booties can also be used during the summer months. Pavement can reach temperatures that can boil an egg so protecting the pads on a dog’s paw is very important. Paw wax is an alternative to add an extra layer of protection from a dog’s paws from burning.

A basic, but an important tip, always make sure to bring a drink of water for pets to stay hydrated. There are several types of bowls that are on the market. One is a collapsible dish that is easy to store. Another is a squeeze bottle with a bowl attached to the end for the pet to drink from.

A big mistake too many owners make is leaving their dogs in a car during the summer months. On an 80 degree day, temperatures inside of a car can quickly climb to 130 degrees. Some owners choose to have windows rolled down or leave the car running with the air condition on. Little dogs tend to overheat faster however, any dog can overheat very quickly. So keep these products and tips in mind before enjoying the summer sun with your canine companion.

If you’d like to see how Sit Means Sit Dog Training can help your dog, stop by and see them at 7730 Frontage Road in Cicero. You can also give them a call at 315-437-DOGS or visit their website, Syracuse.SitMeansSit.

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