Syracuse fans may remember Tim Green for his football abilities that earned him two Academic All-American awards and also led to him being a first round draft pick in the NFL, but he is also a best-selling author. He stopped by Bridge Street this morning to share his newest novel based on a boy that he met. “Left Out” tells the story of a fictional boy with a hearing disability struggling to fit in and handling bullies.

Tim says his first goal while writing his books is to entertain. He knows sports fans gravitate towards his books for the athletics but he does want to educate as well. If people don’t want to read them, then nothing else can come from it. However, once they enjoy the story, they will see the underlying message and hopefully spread awareness. His hope is that people will think about inviting those that have disabilities or simply finding it difficult to find friends to events. 

You can get “Left Out” wherever books are sold or by visiting Tim’s website,