(WSYR-TV) — Summer is a time for kids to go outside and have some fun, but that doesn’t mean safety goes out of the window. Julie Panna, Executive Director of the Onondaga County Medical Society, discusses the top summer safety tips for parents.

Julie recommends always putting sunscreen on your little ones, stressing the importance of something with an SPF 30 or above. She also highlights the importance of bike helmets, stating that the majority of serious youth injuries that come into the ER are preventable.

Pesky bugs can also be a safety concern for kids during the summer. The most common bug bites Julie sees are from ticks. If you do see a tick present on your child, call their pediatrician immediately. For kids under a year old, use screens or other protective gear to shield from bugs as opposed to bug spray with DEET.

While injuries aren’t always preventable, their severity is, and with these tips, you can keep your little ones safe. For more summer safety tips, visit oncms.org.