The musicians of Symphoria are giving back, performing a concert to benefit Ukrainian refugees who have chosen to call Central New York home.

“Earlier in March, people were starting to talk about how the orchestra could really be responsive to the crisis in Ukraine and also especially to the Ukrainian community, who is here” says Pam Murchison, Executive Director of Symphoria. “So many people are connected to families and friends in Ukraine and music is such a powerful way to bring people together.”

The concert will include performances from church choirs from Syracuse’s Ukrainian community and the ODESA Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of Syracuse. The program celebrates music written by Ukrainian composers and will be conducted by Ukrainian-born conductor, Taras Krysa.

“It’s fantastic that we are get to perform and listeners to get to listen to it” he says. “My only wish that will be under other circumstances so it’s not happening because of the war. But it is what it is, so we’ll be happy to present those works and I’m sure those works will stay in repertory in major American and European orchestras.”

Krysa recently served as the Music Director and Conductor of Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra – the oldest professional orchestra in the Ukraine. He’s also guest conducted the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, and lead them, the Lviv Philharmonic Orchestra and the Slovak Sinfonietta Chamber Orchestra on several European and Asian tours.

Krysa’s father is a prominent concert violinist. His mother was a concert pianist, and his grandfather was a tenor at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

The Symphoria Benefit Concert for Ukraine, sponsored by Northwestern Mutual, is planned for April 23rd. It starts at 7:30pm and is being performed inside the Church of the Most Holy Rosary on Roberts Avenue in Syracuse.

Tickets are free, and donations to InterFaith Works CNY are encouraged. All donations will go toward providing needed housing, transportation, food and clothing for Ukrainian refugees in the local community.

Click here to reserve tickets now or call (315) 299-5598.