(WSYR-TV) — During William Shakespeare’s time all cast members were male regardless of the role the actors were playing. 

Now, Shakespeare in the Park in Syracuse is turning that on its head with an all-female cast of “The Merchant of Venice.” 

Here is what you need to know about the production: 

  • This is an all-female cast of The Merchant of Venice 
  • The plays religious prejudice, and how this production is expanding the theme to include gender equity 
  • Despite the darkness of the theme, this show is still a comedy 
  • Date: Fri,June 2, 9; Sat, June 3,10; Sun, June 4, 11 
  • Time: Fri/Sat 5:30 pm; Sun 2:00 pm 

If you would like more info about Syracuse Shakespeare in the Park, and to make sure you get a seat, head to ssitp.org.