For the last decade, Sue and Otto, two red-tailed hawks, have been nesting on Syracuse University’s Lyman Hall with their activities livestreamed thanks to one generous SU alumna.

This year, the pair built a new nest on Bowne hall, sharing it with four new chicks and forcing SU to put up a new camera all together. Anne Marie Higgins is the generous nest cam donor and says following along with Sue and Otto has certainly been an adventure this season.

The 24/7 live feed is available on the College of Arts and Sciences’ website for all to see. For Anne Marie, the donation was a way to honor her late husband, who died after a brief battle with leukemia in 2009. Anne Marie and her husband were avid bird watchers and hawks were their favorite, she says.

This year is also special for the life-long bird mates because it’s the first time they laid a fourth egg. The eggs hatched between April 27th and May 4 and Sue and Otto will continue to care for the birds until they are ready to leave the nest, which happens around 44 to 51 days after hatching.

To see the nesting cam for yourself, visit You can also find them on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.